Monday, April 24, 2017

Death In The Morning

It's a wonderful Monday morning.
You woke up raring to work after slacking for the past few days. You vowed to wreck your computer keyboard by pounding on it non-stop.
You're even ready to skip meals today.
You then happily turned your computer on.
But something seemed wrong because your computer wasn't... responding and it seemed...
No, it couldn't be. It was full of life just last night. What happened? Heat stroke? Heart attack? Aneurysm? Suicide?
You tried to save it--- CPR, defibrillator, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, black magic, but it remained unresponsive.
There's still no pulse.
It's (gasp!) dead!
Could it be resurrected? It couldn't remain dead, you've got files in there, files that you've been working on for weeks.
Such idiocy, you mumbled to yourself. The computer had been showing symptoms of a debilitating illness these past few weeks, yet you fail to save your files in a separate disk.
If Jesus saves, why can't you?
And you don't have cash for repair.
It's a terrible Monday morning.

Monday, April 10, 2017

A Song About Jesus And Judas (And The End Of The World)


      U2 are known for songs that tackle religions and among them, my favorite is “Until The End of the World” from Acthung Baby. The song is about Judas sort of castigating Jesus (after the last supper) for being a killjoy, for sulking and for being depressed (who wouldn’t be?) when everyone (the apostles) around them is having fun, although later in the song, Judas will be heard expressing his regrets and sorrow for taking the money (the thirty pieces of silver) and betraying him in the garden with a kiss—which broke Jesus’ heart. 
     Yesterday’s the start of Holy Week, I really am not religious but it won’t hurt to be prayerful this week, especially with those frequent earthquakes that are getting really scary now, earthquakes that seem to signal—to doomsayers and pessimists at least— the, well, end of the world. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Happines Is... (It Certainly Is Not A Warm Gun)

I was listening to Beatles’ music in my cell phone when this song played, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun,” which was written by John Lennon. I don’t know about John but happiness for some is:

  • your 20-month old nephew looking back at you and smiling and making faces at you.
  • receiving a text message from your 6-year old niece asking you what you are doing.
  • having a dream about your deceased mother where she's alive and well.
  • someone cooking you your favorite meal.
  • killing a mosquito before it can bite you.
  • hearing a good joke.
  • reaching a new level in your currently favorite Android game.
  • listening to your beloved's guffaws which all sound lovely to you.
  • a bloodless shaving.
  • your computer successfully booting up after a third try.
  • seeing a new writer rejoice about his first approved short story.
  • finally learning the title of that elusive wonderful song.
  • a 6-7 hours of sleep.
  • early morning run. 
  • eating your favorite fruit.
  • a new episode of your favorite TV series.
  • cooking your own meal even if it's just corned beef and eggs.
  • seeing a small random act of kindness.
  • a milk tea full of pearls.
  • an ice cold beer and a plate of sizzling sisig
  • of course, listening to Beatles' songs.
Yes, some people can be too shallow.


Friday, March 24, 2017

A Trip To A Columbarium (A Short Horror Story)

       Death and sex will always be taboo as a topic of conversation for any family.
       But that morning, Roddy heard his siblings talking about the inevitability of death. He didn’t join in the conversation, it’s not that he was scared of death. He almost confronted it a few years ago when he tried to stab his own heart a few days after his girlfriend eloped with a married man. The two had been having an affair under his nose. Roddy continued eavesdropping and learned that his siblings had bought a six-urn niche in a columbarium. They were planning to transfer their parents’ remains there and the rest would be be allotted to them—there would be no wake, no funeral service like they preferred, it would be an immediate cremation and a journey straight to the niche.

      That day, they went to the columbarium to make a payment and to see the niche—Roddy quietly sat at the backseat of their car.

      It was around four in the afternoon when they reached the columbarium and as Roddy took a peek at the niche, he asked his older brother on whether he could choose an urn for him just in case.
      His brother didn’t answer immediately, he saw him sigh before turning to their younger sister . “I think I heard Roddy’s voice,” he said with a somber tone. “He’s probably with us today, taking a peek at the niche.” His older brother then glanced at the empty niche. “What is it they say about people who just died? They will be only aware that they’re already dead nine days after they died.”

      Their younger sister smiled, her eyes turning sad. “He probably wants to pick his own urn,” she added, her sad eyes turning misty now.

       Then they talked about how they couldn’t understand how Roddy could die die at such an early age. “He was just thirty,” said his older brother, his voice dripping with sorrow. “Oh, God, he shouldn’t have done that.”

       Their conversation was interrupted when a man carrying an urn approached them. Roddy’s brother carefully took the urn and said, “Do you think Roddy will like this urn?” He glanced at the ashes inside it before placing it inside the niche.
      Roddy, shaken, took a few steps backward, he turned and saw a woman, standing  a few meters away from him, looking at him. Roddy knew her,  she was a close relative who died a few years ago. She smiled and started walking towards him.

       It didn’t take Roddy nine days…

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Upsides of Insomnia

       Hot milk? Check.
       Beer? Check.
       Sleep naked? Check.
       Count sheep? Check.
       Avoid caffeine? Check.
       Exercise before sleeping? Check.

       And still, you can’t get enough sleep and you’re still sleepy and a little groggy during the day? So what do they say about something you can’t lick? Join `em. Or enjoy `em. Enjoy the following benefits of insomnia (yes, it has).

       1. You can do movie or TV marathon every night. Finish three seasons of Game of Thrones in one night.
       2. You can read more books. You can even memorize the dictionary in one night.
       3. You have longer working hours and you can work in utter silence (the only noise coming from your earphones blaring some progressive rock music).
       4. You have lots of time to think. Think about what? About why they don’t sell balut in the morning, for example. Many great ideas came from insomniacs., many great works were hatched late at night.How about a flavored balut? Now that's a great idea. Strawberry-flavored balut seems delicious.
       5. Enjoy the little but awesome things. Hear the crowing of the rooster, see the sunrise from your window, hear the lovemaking of the cats outside your house. Okay, the last one is annoying as hell.

       But you can do all of these things for only a very limited time. People who can’t get enough sleep all their life, well, uhm, you know, die early.  Prolonged sleep deprivation will give you illnesses (high blood pressure, heart problem, diabetes among others). You will also be prone to vertigo, sleep paralysis, forgetfulness, accidents and your work will suffer, you'll make mistakes, your behavior will be erratic and your sex drive will diminish (I don't think this concerns me, I have no use for a sex drive. Lol.)

       So forget all those that are bothering you, overthinking about things you have no control over and stressing yourself too much is one major cause of insomnia. Life will always be unfair, people will always be strange and your crush is not obliged to like you back and your FB posts won’t always have many likes and hearts.

       Just sleep.

       Sleep is life.